Butte leaders consider possibility of outdoor pool


BUTTE, Mont. - Butte-Silver Bow's Council of Commissioners are taking another look at the possibility of building an outdoor pool in Butte. The city's last public outdoor pool in Stodden Park closed almost a decade ago. In 2011 voters were asked to approve a $7.5 million bond to construct a pool. Voters rejected the idea, but only by a couple hundred votes. Now the idea has resurfaced. We spoke to Commissioner Mark Moodry about what a future proposal might look like. "Ultimately what the people of Butte have said is 'we need a pool for the kids' so hopefully we can get to some sort of an agreement with the public and with the local government and come together to provide that for the kids," Moodry said. Right now the idea is only in its initial phase and no committees have been formed yet to explore building a pool.