Butte-Silver Bow details Uptown parking changes


BUTTE, Mont. - The following is a news release from Butte-Silver Bow:

Beginning in May, Northwestern Energy will be preparing the site at the corner of Park and Main streets for the construction of their new Headquarters building. With this exciting new addition to Butte also comes the permanent loss of 38 permit-parking spaces as well as approximately 10 free on-street 2-hour parking spaces during the construction phase. The Butte-Silver Bow Parking Commission assures the public that many things are being done to address the concerns of business owners and residents in this area of the Uptown.

First, please see the attached map which outlines five Butte-Silver Bow owned free parking lots, as well as just one example of on-street unrestricted parking. The Parking Commission is working diligently to create a culture in the Uptown area which supports high turnover in the valuable 2-hour on-street spaces which will encourage patrons to visit and shop in our great city.

In order to accomplish this, the Commission is urging business owners and employees to adopt the practice of parking in permit lots or the free lots provided on the map. New parking management software currently being implemented will allow the Commission to better-manage leases for permitted lots and allow for those interested to "reserve" their space in a lot or to be placed on a waiting list for a space as they free up.

In addition to lot management, the 2-hour parking district will soon have clarified parking ordinances that discourage the practice of rolling and re-parking in the same space, again encouraging employees to seek parking in established lots. All of this is done with the goal of keeping the flow of traffic open for those wishing to do business in the Uptown area.

Specifically addressing the 38 permitted spaces in Heritage Park, the Parking Commission was able to relocate 12 of these to another permit lot, and approximately 15 to 20 are being redirected to some of the lots located on the northern part of the map near their places of work.

The Butte-Silver Bow Public Works Department has also almost completed repairs on the entrance to the parking lot at Wyoming and Galena, which houses 26 to 30 free spaces. On-street, Butte-Silver Bow has designs underway that will add angle parking spaces on many of our streets, thus increasing spaces available for consumers by 50 to 70% in some areas. The Commission hopes to have these plans implemented this year.

And, finally, upon completion of the Northwestern Energy Building, there are plans for a parking garage to be located only half a block to the southwest of the Heritage Park site. This garage will provide approximately 250 permit/paid parking spaces and will be located in the heart of Butte's Uptown Business District.

In short, although we may experience some congestion and slight inconvenience in the short run, the future for our Uptown area in the way of parking availability and traffic-flow shows great promise.

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