Charles Rickett found guilty of kidnapping, escape, intimidation


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Charles Dustin Rickett is found guilty on charges of aggravated kidnapping, intimidation, and escape, after duct-taping and blind folding a woman and threatening to set her on fire. Charles Rickett showed no emotion when the clerk read the verdict of "guilty" on Thursday around 8:30 p.m. The 26-year old walked away from the pre-release center in July of 2012, went to a Manhattan woman's home, blindfolded and duct taped her, then waved a gas can in front of her face and threatened to burn her. The defense maintained that Rickett was framed, telling the jury an acquaintance of Rickett's committed the crime and planted the evidence in the victim's home. Rickett's sentencing is scheduled for April 23.