Child rescued from hot car


MISSOULA, Mont. - An 8-month-old infant is OK after her mom accidentally locked her in a car on this hot Monday.

Missoula Police Patrol Sergeant Collin Rose said the "mom had inadvertently locked the child in the vehicle while it was off and the windows were up and the keys were inside."

"The mom was getting stuff loaded up and somehow ended up with the doors closed and locked and the baby inside," he said. "It was a pure accident."

The woman immediately called 911. Police arrived within a couple minutes but had a hard time breaking the window glass.

"I tried to load a spring loaded center punch to break one of the windows," said the patrol officer "and it was a laminated window, which the new cars have, so it didn't break, and we had to call the fire department. They used one of their tools to make entry and checked out the child."

Police said the baby checked out fine and was only in the car for a few minutes.

But the warning is simple. Hot cars can be deadly, and folks should keep an extra set of keys handy.

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