City of Bozeman to respond to Bridger Creek residents' claim


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The City of Bozeman plans to respond to a claim filed by a group of residents in the Bridger Creek Subdivision asking them to pay for damages related to gases leaking from an old landfill. The Bozeman city manager said the City will respond to the claim, but their main priority is the health and safety of all Bozeman residents. They explained the City of Bozeman took a proactive approach by installing mitigation systems in the Bridger Creek homes and to test for the potentially toxic organic compounds. They also plan to hire an engineering firm to design a remediation system for the landfill, and install it sometime in 2014. "Our commitment is to make sure we're not the source of VOCs in the home," said City Manager Chris Kukulski. "So we're going to continue down that path. First and foremost, our priority is health and safety and we're going to continue...removing ourselves from being a contributor." Bozeman has 120 days to respond to the claim from the Bridger Creek residents, but Kukulski said they will likely respond to it sooner. The residents are asking for at least $3 million per home.