Clyde Park under boil water order


CLYDE PARK, Mont. - Northern Park County is bracing for another round of possible flooding after a foot of snow falls in some areas.

One of the hardest-hit areas, Clyde Park, is still feeling the effects of last week's flooding.

Clyde Park is 20 miles North of Livingston, the town has been on a "boil water order" since March 10.

A culvert at Arthun's Ranch in Park County caused water to run off into Clyde Park's reservoir, contaminating the drinking water. When the reservoir began to overfill, there wasn't enough chlorine left to properly clear out bacteria.

The boil order means residents need to boil water for at least one minute or use bottled water for drinking, brushing teeth, washing dishes and preparing food. Not doing so could cause illness.

Clyde Park water operator Ernie MacCracken says they are doing everything they can to make sure the water is safe.

MacCracken says, "I have chlorine in the system today. I have to do bacteria tests at three locations, get those tests in and when they get approved we can lift the boil order. It all depends on what happens by tomorrow."