Columbia Falls High School hopes to get levy approved


COLUMBIA FALLS, Mont. - Columbia Falls High School administrators said they couldn't cut one more thing, so they want the citizens of Columbia Falls to approve the levy.

"We looked at all of our financial options. We reviewed the budget at length and we realized that although we have been making cuts for several years, there were no cuts left to be made," said Dean Chisholm, the School District 6 Vice Chairman.

Chisholm is no stranger to making cuts. They have lost $420,000 in four years. That meant fewer faculty members, which meant fewer programs for students. He said he couldn't cut anymore.

"We're asking just $1.50 a month from most of our homeowners to contribute," said Chisholm.

If the $478,984 levy is approved, a homeowner with a $200,000 house will have to pay $34.98 more a year or $2.92 a month.

"We've had to deny our students some opportunities, they otherwise would have had," said Chisholm.

If the levy is approved, 20 percent of the money will go back to getting the budget in the black. The other 80 percent will go toward enhancing programs they already have, such as more AP Classes, dual-credit classes with Flathead Community College and upgrading the computer hardware and software.