Community comes together to honor life of avalanche victim


MISSOULA, Mont. - Music, dancing, fun and remembrance. Thursday evening's event was a night where the community came together to remember the rescuers, helpers and victims of the February avalanche on Mount Jumbo that claimed the life of long-time Missoula resident Michel Colville.

"We decided to press on and do it as a celebration of her life and kind of a thank you to the community of all the neighbors and rescuers and helpers who came out to just dig," said performer Jeff Medley.

"We're really excited to be singing for the honor and spirit of Michel Colville because she brought a lot to our group -- spunky and kind of hard to impress at first, but she had a lot of ideas," said Joshua Farmer.

Farmer is the leader of a community choir. Colville was part of the group.

Part of the money raised by the performance will go to Fred Allendorf, Colville's husband. He was caught in the avalanche and survived.

"She had an incredible life and her and her husband have touched so many people in this town... Her spirit is with us as we sing tonight," said Farmer.