Community works to erase graffiti around Bozeman


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman is a town known for its beauty, but graffiti has become a growing problem in the area. As police do their best to track down the taggers, one Bozeman resident has made it her personal mission to clean up the eye sore. On Sunday we met Brittany Sneed, the Marketing Coordinator for Ressler Motors. The conditions were less than ideal to be outside in Bozeman, but Sneed was not going to let a few raindrops stand in her way. "Okay, June 22nd, rain or shine, unfortunately we got rain today, we will get out and get it done," said Sneed. Sneed says she was willing to put in a little elbow grease to get the job done, it is something she has been passionate about for years. "I have always wanted to remove graffiti since I moved to Bozeman, its such a beautiful location," said Sneed. In order to remove the unwanted markings, Sneed had to get permission from property owners. "The location we are standing at is the old CVS building next to the Hastings. The property owners are actually in California, so I had to track them down," said Sneed. We followed Sneed and her co-worker as they covered up graffiti at that very location, as well as two others in the downtown area. Her goal is to show people how easy it can be to remove the markings, and how much better it looks in the end. "The short amount of time and little effort it takes to get it down, it's a couple of minutes," said Sneed. On Sunday we also reached out to Bozeman Police, and found this is a problem being tackled city wide. Sergeant Travis Munter with BPD says they have volunteers who help collect data about graffiti around town. "They would do the follow up and take photographs, and keep it in a database," said Munter. Sergeant Munter says they are constantly monitoring reports of graffiti, and the more they know about what tags are where, the easier it is to track down the culprit. "Us being able to like some of these things together and find a specific persons tag is important so that we can hopefully hold them accountable," said Munter. At the end of the day, there is still graffiti lingering in all corners of Bozeman, but Sneed says she hopes her effort will get others involved too. "Even if we weren't able to take care of all the graffiti in town, it shows that people care, and its unwanted," said Sneed.