Construction on 3rd St. continues without delay despite setback


MISSOULA, Mont. - Construction stretches from the intersection Russell and Third to east of Curtis Street.

Since spring, drivers have been coping with construction on Third Street. City officials tell us 15,000 cars travel that stretch of road every day.

One business is noticing the impact.

"Definitely slowed business down, as far as people having to work around it to access us," said Pawn Shop general manager Ronnie Hargrave.

According to the Missoula Streets Division Superintendent, everything has been running right on schedule, but there was a small hiccup that caused workers to tear up a section of new asphalt.

"We encountered what we believed to be a settlement spot, just west of Catlin," explained superintendent Brian Hensel.

Hensel explained to NBC Montana that the settlement in the road would collect water. He said it was a safety hazard for the public.

"I made the decision that it was better to sacrifice a little bit of asphalt and repair the problem versus jeopardizing the safety of the traveling public by leaving a pool of water on a new street," said Hensel.

The chunk of asphalt cost around $1,100 to replace.

Hensel explained that the settlement could have been caused by excess moisture or a soft spot.

He clarified that they were ahead of the game when they caught the issue, and construction on South Third Street isn't delayed now due to the relaying of asphalt.

Hargrave told NBC Montana that, from a business standpoint, they aren't concerned about it.

"From what I've seen out here, they seem pretty good at being on it, so I'm not too concerned with it, because it looks like they are making really good progress out here," he said.

Workers told Hargrave they anticipate finishing construction work by mid- to late-September.