Construction underway to fix flooding on Flathead road


KALISPELL, Mont. - Drivers on Highway 2 east of Kalispell are used to dodging huge pools of water that fill the roadway in Evergreen after a big rain or snowstorm.

This week's rain sent us back there to find out if there's a solution.

Here's what we found out. Road crews will install storm drains to pull the water off the pavement, and while they're at it, they'll make it safer for pedestrians by adding sidewalks.

Right now, the project area fills with pooled water and it takes days to drain away.

Grease Monkey Auto Shop sits right in the middle of the problem area.

Shop manager Mike Murri calls it a safety issue.

"This section here usually floods over and people like to race -- not race up and down, but they go pretty quick here -- it's like 45 miles an hour, so safety of other people either walking or driving, it is kind of a hazard," Murri said.

Crews are trying to minimize the impact on drivers by working at night. Project managers hope to finish by November 15, with chip seal and striping scheduled for next year.