Continental Gardens plans to review policies, residents still feel safe


BUTTE, Mont. - A Butte retirement facility tells NBC Montana it plans a review of its policies after a suspected murder on the property. John Grubbs, Sr. appeared in court Wednesday and is accused of stabbing another resident of the Continental Gardens over money. Investigators haven't released the victim's name, because they can't find his family. All we know is he was 72-years-old and well liked by the Continental Gardens residents we talked with. We dug deeper into Continental Gardens. It is a retirement facility that gets government money for providing rental units to very low income seniors. Housing and Urban Development inspects the property every four years. Human Resources Council Executive Director Elissa Mitchell describes Continental Gardens as an apartment complex for the elderly. "As long as they aren't causing any problems, people are free to do what they want to do," Mitchell told us. But now Grubbs is accused of murdering a neighbor in an apparent fight over money. Mitchell said that could have happened anywhere. "It is a secure living environment, what happened was an isolated incident," she said. Mitchell said they do background checks on all the tenants and have a 24-hour staff on duty. "We do not go into the apartments and check on them," Mitchell said. "But they do circulate through the halls periodically during the night hours." "I do feel safe, and for the most part I think everybody else does too," said resident Ginny Fabian. Residents like Fabian and Dwayne Clark are troubled by the stabbings, but they feel safe. "The staff has given us a really good place to live," said Clark. And the feds double check that every four years. We looked into reports from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. In 2010, Continental Gardens scored 91 out of 100, a very good score, HUD checks that the housing is safe, decent and affordable. Mitchell said after everything that has happened, she plans to go over some rules and regulations. "Just go back and review all of our policies and make sure that the people that are living there are safe," she said. Continental Gardens is part of HUDs 202 811 program. The 202 program provides housing for very low income seniors ages 62 and older and allows people with section eight vouchers to live there. Section eight vouchers subsidizes housing for low-income income families, the elderly and the disabled. The government pays a housing subsidy directly to the landlord.