Corvallis High School honors 99 graduates


CORVALLIS, Mont. - It was a beautiful morning for the commencement ceremony in Corvallis.

Ninety-nine graduates marched down the aisle to receive their diplomas.

After 13 years of hard work the 'Blue Devils' were a proud bunch.

Superintendent Tim Johnson told the students in his address to "pursue the truth and look for the undefeated."

The school gym was filled with family and friends honoring the class of 2017.

Friends Darlene Harris and Pattie Rennaker came to the ceremony to support the graduates.

"It's graduation day," said Harris. "I can't believe there's another class graduating and going out into the world. It's an exciting time."

"I can't believe my nephew is 18 and going out on is own," said Rennaker.

Corvallis High School graduates received a whopping $2.7 million in scholarships.

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