County attorney seeks to charge Briggs with sixth felony


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Gallatin County Attorney Marty Lambert filed a sixth charge against Kevin Briggs, the Bozeman man who allegedly walked out of the Law and Justice Center on the morning of February 1. Briggs is accused of trying to sexually assault a woman earlier that morning. Police say he escaped after they brought him in for questioning. Police say Briggs then eluded capture for three weeks as officials followed leads from Missoula to San Francisco. Briggs was eventually captured in Portland, Oregon, and brought back to Gallatin County. Briggs currently faces five felony charges. Those include Escape, Aggravated Assault, Attempted Sexual Intercourse Without Consent, Assault on a Peace Officer, and Failure to Register as a Sexual Offender. The sixth charge County Attorney Marty Lambert filed on Tuesday is Criminal Possession of Dangerous Drugs, also a felony. Court documents say a syringe seized from Briggs' backpack was sent to the Montana State Forensic Science Division for analysis. The results came back that the syringe contained a drug called Etizolam. Documents go on to say Etizolam is a drug with amnesic, hypnotic and sedative effects. Lambert said it's up to Judge Mike Salvagni to approve the sixth charge. "If the judge permits me to file a sixth charge, that's five years, so I think we are at a potential of 150 years, if the defendant were found guilty, or convicted, of all of the charges," said Lambert. The next hearing regarding this case is an omnibus hearing scheduled for July 14.