Court documents show murder suspect has criminal background


BUTTE, Mont. - New information tonight in a stabbing death at a Butte retirement center. Officials have identified the 72-year-old victim as Jerry Diltz.

Butte-Silver Bow Coroner Lee Labreche told us they are still looking for family members of Diltz. If anyone has information, he asks you call (406) 490-8023. Investigators say 72-year-old John Grubbs stabbed or slashed Diltz's throat early Wednesday in an apparent fight over money. Witnesses say Grubbs used a large butcher knife and said the two had been drinking. The attack happened at about 2 in the morning. Grubbs has been in trouble before, not that long ago, for allegedly using a knife to threaten a different man. In 2011, prosecutors charged Grubbs assault with a weapon after reportedly pulling out a knife and threatening a man with it at the M&M in Butte. Four months later, the case was dismissed without prejudice. That means prosecutors can re-file that charge against him. Thursday we spoke with Human Resources Council Executive Director Elissa Mitchell and she said Grubbs went through a background check through U.S Housing and Urban Development. "If it happened before he moved in, it should have shown up on the database that HUD uses," said Mitchell. Mitchell said she has to find out more information about Grubbs, like when he moved into Continental Gardens and what HUD looks for in a background check. "Because of our conversation now, I'm thinking I need to find out more about about that system," said Mitchell. "See what it does, what it reports, then we can evaluate and determine if we need to do something more." Mitchell said she's looking into how to fix things for the future. "In our future I will evaluate the system and if we need to tighten it up somehow we will," she said. She is also considering looking into current residents backgrounds. "That's food for thought that's definitely something I'll bring up with our team," Mitchell said. Grubbs is being held on $250,000 bail and will appear in court again next month.

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