Crews work to protect Lake McDonald Lodge


KALISPELL, Mont. - The Lake McDonald Lodge at Glacier National Park is a high priority for crews fighting the lightning-caused Sprague Fire. The fire has generated thick smoke in the area, closed some parts of the park and just last week it claimed the Sperry Chalet. Thursday was a quiet day in Apgar Village and along the south end of Lake McDonald, but up the road crews began preventive work to protect the lodge. Crews worked to hose down the area with hundreds of sprinklers and hoses. Their goal is to increase the humidity in the area should embers become a problem. They know the risk that is at stake. "This area is very important to the park and the public, and so we're essentially implementing it on a grand scale, so to speak, to really make sure that we're taking care of all of our bases," said task leader Tyler Keith. The historic Lake McDonald Lodge is being protected with hopes that fire never comes close to the structure. "Hopefully this is all for nothing, but if it does essentially work its way to a point I do feel like we will be prepared to chase embers," Keith said. While it was a quiet day in the park visitors would not let smoke stop them. "You know, on fire, smoky or not, you can't argue that this place is still beautiful," said Creighton Baird.

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