Daines introduces bill to exempt Montanans from part of Obamacare


MISSOULA, Mont. - Congressman Steve Daines has a new bill to exempt Montanans from part of Obamacare.

His plan would shield in home care providers, those who help low income and Medicare or Medicaid patients, from the employer mandate.

That mandate says employers with 50 or more employees must provide health care to avoid a penalty.

"We've got plenty of challenges today in our healthcare system today in terms of accessibility and affordability and we want to put the patient back in the center of the solution and here's an example of where we want to see the patient who wants in many cases, in home care instead of going into an institution," said Representative Steve Daines.

But protestors claim Daines wants to privatize Medicare. NBC Montana found them waiting for him. They held signs saying, "Hands off my Medicare."

"They're trying to privatize Medicare, which means seniors would lose their benefits and many of us would really suffer and at the same time, they're voting for more tax breaks for the wealthy, they're voting to raise their own salaries," said one Missoula resident.

NBC Montana checked with Daines' office and they tell us his proposal wouldn't privatize health care.