Daines reacts to Trump budget


MISSOULA, Mont. - President Donald Trump's budget to overhaul government with major boosts in military spending and proposed program cuts from the Environmental Protection Agency to Meals on Wheels is getting plenty of feedback.

Trump said it's a budget that makes the safety of our people a No. 1 priority.

But on the streets of Missoula we heard comments like "aggravating" and "not the right direction for the country."

Republican U.S. Senator Steve Daines was in Missoula Thursday. Daines said he is pleased to see the president has "prioritized national security" and is "tightening the belt."

He said Montana homes and businesses have to do the same every year.

"I think every Montanan would agree. There is room to drive efficiency and effectiveness and find better ways to spend money with the federal government," said Daines. "So depending on what levels they come out at they will be debated in Congress. But I'm glad to see the president putting pressure now on these agencies to find ways to save money."

The senator said there are a lot of programs that benefit Montana. He said he will be reviewing them on the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Daines said he will fight for programs like Meals on Wheels. He also said we must remain committed to Superfund cleanup in Montana.