Dale McQueary speaks out about new coaching job in Deer Lodge


MANHATTAN, Mont. - Dale McQueary spoke to NBC Montana about his new role as head basketball coach at Powell County High School in Deer Lodge.

NBC Montana has been following McQueary's story for months. An investigation report last year alleged McQueary failed to deposit more than $8,300 in a school fund-raising account in 2011. The report says he returned all but around $250 of it.

The school board placed McQueary on administrative in September 2013, and in February of 2014 they opened up the high school football coaching position.

Earlier this month, McQueary resigned from his Manhattan Junior High math teaching position.

Monday afternoon McQueary sat down with us at his home in Manhattan. He says this has been a very difficult year for him and his family.

"Everything I did was for the football team, and that's it. It was for the kids," said McQueary.

He was tight-lipped about the events that have unfolded over the past several months. He did not want to comment about the alleged mishandling of fund-raising money or the lawsuit he filed against the school district.

"When that all happens and the lawsuit is all finished, I'll be able to talk," said McQueary.

It was a rocky football season for the head coach, but McQueary sought to put that all behind him. When Manhattan school officials put the head football coaching job up earlier this year, he re-applied.

"I did apply for the Manhattan job, thought maybe I'd get another opportunity at it, and did not get an interview," said McQueary.

He tells us getting turned down did not stop him from applying elsewhere. He says he looked at several jobs, and even had an interview in Great Falls.

"That's what opened the door for me, and let me know that people weren't going to look at the situation that happened here in Manhattan and weren't going to hold it against me," said McQueary.

He also said that throughout the job search, he didn't try to hide what happened in Manhattan.

"I say, 'I want to be open and honest with you, is there anything further you want to ask about my situation in Manhattan?'" said McQueary.

Now his focus is on the road ahead and moving on to the next chapter in his life.

McQueary says Powell County High School is scheduled to face off with Manhattan in the upcoming basketball season. However he does not plan to treat that match any differently. He says it will be just another game.

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