DD Buddy app aims to connect drinkers with safe rides home


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Out on the town drinking and don't know how you're getting home? There's an app for that. It's called DD Buddy, and it's a new free app designed by developers in Bozeman. It aims to help people who are drinking connect easily with friends, family, mass transit, and taxis at the click of a button. People can volunteer as designated drivers and receive reward points or credit to use at partnering area businesses. We're told the developers came up with the idea after a friend got a DUI because he didn't want to ask for a ride. "His friend didn't want to call around at 1:30 in the morning and be that friend that annoys everybody," explained DD Buddy's Chief Technology Officer Zach Case, "and just talking it out, thought it would be easier to drive home. Obviously the wrong choice, but we want to make sure drinkers don't think that way anymore that they know there's easier ways to get home." The app is currently available in Bozeman and Butte. It is in the beginning stages, but developers hope to have it available statewide. Right now, you can download it in your android or iPhone app stores.

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