Deer Lodge man confesses to wife's murder


DEER LODGE - Investigators in Powell County have released the names of the couple involved with a homicide that happened Saturday evening.

Powell County Sheriff Scott F. Howard says 65-year-old Dennis Leo Schowengerdt stabbed his wife, Tina, multiple times at their Racetrack area home Saturday evening.

Schowengerdt then drove to the police station Sunday morning around 8am to make confession.

"He came in through the front door like anybody would and spoke to the dispatcher, he said he wanted to talk to an officer," said Howard.

"The dispatcher asked him what it was concerning and he said, 'Yeah, I killed my wife last night and she's out at the house,'" added Howard.

In a press conference today Howard told the media that in Schowengerdt's confession he showed zero remorse.

"I've been in law enforcement for 26 years and that was probably one of the strangest interviews I have ever conducted and sat through," said Howard.

"His demeanor was that he wanted to be very open, he wanted to make sure that I knew exactly what he did, why he did it, and how he felt about what he did," Howard added.

Previous records indicated the couple as having a troubled relationship, and showed numerous visits to the residence by officers in the past.

The weapon used in the homicide was a large "Rambo-style" knife according to authorities.

Schowengerdt was arraigned Monday afternoon and held with no bond.

The next court date is scheduled for December 18.

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