Defense rests in Johnson trial


MISSOULA, Mont. - The defense has rested it's case in the rape trial for former Griz quarterback Jordan Johnson.

Defense attorney David Paoli called Dr. William Stratford, as the last witness. Dr. Stratford, a forensic psychiatrist, told the court he review the alleged victim's medical records from the campus counseling center.

Dr. Stratford told the court he wouldn't have diagnosed the woman with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) like counselor Drew Colling, who testified earlier in the trial, did.

After the lunch break Prosecutor Adam Duerk called Dr. David Bell, a physician at UM's Curry Health Center. He treated the alleged victim. Dr. Bell told they jury the woman came to see him after alleged sexual assault. Dr. Bell said she had some symptoms of PTSD, but he didn't diagnose her with it.

Court recessed early for the day after the defense called Dr. Stratford to the stand for brief rebuttal.

Friday things will get underway at 8:30. Jurors will hear closing arguments and get final instructions from Judge Karen Townsend. Townsend hopes to have the jury deliberating around noon.

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