Delinquent taxes due for property owners


BUTTE, Mont. - People behind in their property taxes overwhelmed the Butte-Silver Bow Treasurer's Office Wednesday to make sure their 2013 taxes are covered, because taxes are considered delinquent after three years.

"January 20 we sent out we sent out 552 letters, as of Tuesday my count was down to 261. People have been in all morning to renew their taxes," said Butte-Silver Bow Treasurer Lori Baker Patrick.

If owners are unable to pay their land may be taken from them.

"Once the land sale is here, that means the county has taken over the property, and we will sell them at an auction at the commissioner's office on October 4 of this year for any remaining properties that are not redeemed," she added.

Property taxpayer Mary Bodenberger has owned her business for just a year, and she told us she makes sure her taxes are caught up even though it may not be easy.

"It was really hard; I know they are important for the community to pay, but it was hard for us to make them, being a small business, it was hard to make it with all of those fees -- hard to survive," said Bodenberger.

"It would be really sad to have to admit failure and defeat on it, I want to make my children proud and be part of the community," she added.

And for anyone who may have missed the deadline officials say, "They will still be able to redeem their property, but they will have to pay 2013 and 2016 taxes and a tax deed fee," said Baker Patrick.

Officials say there are 208 property owners who missed the deadline.