Democrats 'in it to win it' ahead of nominating convention


MISSOULA, Mont. - Dave Kendall has spent a lot of time on his email this week. He's the chairman of the Missoula County Democratic Party, and has an inbox full of messages from people telling him who he should nominate for the United States Senate.

"I'm replying back to tell them thank you for letting us know who you support," says Kendall.

On Saturday in Helena, he'll be joining his counterparts from counties statewide to select a new candidate. Whoever it is, Kendall knows national pollsters aren't giving their candidate much of a chance.

"Pollsters don't often give you a good chance when you're starting from scratch," Kendall said. "We don't even know who our candidate is, so I don't know how you would know."

State Rep. Ellie Boldman Hill says this isn't the first time people have picked a Democrat to lose.

"It reminds me a lot of the race that then-State Legislator Jon Tester ran against the sitting incumbent Conrad Burns." said Hill. "All the pollsters had him way behind. He was a farmer from Big Sandy and a teacher, and now it's looking like either Dirk Adams as one of the names being forwarded, or Amanda Curtis, another teacher from Butte."

Curtis is who Hill says she'll support.

Kendall tells us he doesn't yet know.

"I'm still waiting to hear from the candidates. I want to hear how they've adapted to even the short-term debate that we've had over the last week," said Kendall.

He says, with Senate Democrats in danger of losing their majority, they won't go down without a fight. "We're in it to win this race, because the future of the senate is at stake here."