Demonstrators rally against birth control decision


MISSOULA, Mont. - The nation's highest court ruled last month that businesses, including the Hobby Lobby chain of stores, do not have to provide birth control coverage under federal health care law if it goes against their religious beliefs.

Tonight, Montanans rallied against the decision on the steps of the Missoula County Courthouse. Dozens held up signs and voiced opposition to the Supreme Court ruling.

The Montana Reproductive Rights Coalition insists the ruling allows corporations to discriminate against women by denying coverage of contraceptives.

Erin Steuer of NARAL Pro-Choice Montana tells NBC Montana, "Today the Montana reproductive rights coalition and community members are coming together to show their dissent with the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of Hobby Lobby, that gives bosses authority to control women's health care, through their insurance plans."

In earlier coverage of the Supreme Court decision on June 30, a small business owner in Missoula told NBC Montana he is relieved he doesn't have to go against his faith in the workplace because he feels morally compelled to protect life.

It is unclear how many businesses will eliminate birth control in their health coverage plans.