Destructive blizzard big topic at rancher conference


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The future of Montana ranching is being discussed at a conference in Bozeman this week. A major topic of discussion will be the blizzard that swept through South Dakota in the beginning of October 2013.

The 3-day storm set snowfall records. Many ranchers were unable to protect their herds and close to 100,000 cattle died, dealing a major blow to that state's $7 billion a year cattle industry.

Conference attendee Don Seifert said, "That was a huge issue, the blizzard in South Dakota. We're sort of doing a retrospective and seeing what was done right, what was done wrong, and how we can maybe help prevent some of the animal and livestock losses we had last fall during that blizzard."

A South Dakota State University professor will address the blizzard Wednesday morning.

The conference will wrap up that afternoon.