Disabled voters have new ways to cast ballot


MISSOULA, Mont. - With just under a week left until the election officials are asking voters with disabilities to look into a new option.

This will be the first general election disabled voters can request an electronic ballot. The deadline to request one is Nov. 7 at noon.

The ballot is emailed to the voter upon request. It should be filled out, printed, and mailed back to the voter's local election office. You can request an electronic ballot here.

"One of the biggest things for people with disabilities to remember is democracy is not a spectator sport," said Travis Hoffman, of the Summit Independent Living Center. "It requires participation from everybody, and there's a lot of races to vote in. We're not just voting for president. We're also voting for governor, for legislators, for a lot of different issues. So it's really important people get involved."

If you are a disabled voter, and you would like to vote at your local polling place, an autoMARK machine is available to help voters who may not be able to mark their ballot independently.

"It has different methods of Braille keys. It has great audio," said Missoula County Elections Administrator Rebecca Connors. "It also has a sip and puff device, so a quadriplegic can be able to vote independently on their own through that machine."

Voters with disabilities who would like to vote in person at the polls are also welcome to bring someone with them for assistance with their ballot.

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