Dixon stabbing suspect pleads not guilty


THOMPSON FALLS, Mont. - A Missoula man has pleaded not guilty to charges related to breaking into a Dixon home, fatally stabbing a man and cutting a woman's throat. Nathan Lee William Calvert has been charged with deliberate homicide, attempted deliberate homicide and aggravated burglary and robbery in the Dec. 6 attack. He pleaded not guilty Tuesday in Sanders County District Court. The Missoulian reports ( Doug and Cheryl Morigeau had finished dinner and were watching TV when Calvert allegedly broke into their home. Doug Morigeau fought the intruder and was stabbed 54 times. The man slit the throat of Cheryl Morigeau, who escaped and was hospitalized. Authorities say Calvert also stabbed another man in the back before arriving at the home because he believed the man wanted to kill him.