Dozens attend Ski Joring practice in Whitefish


WHITEFISH, Mont. - Want to see a mix of horses, cowboys and skiing?

Well... Ski Joring is the perfect sport for you.

Today Scott Ping opened up his ranch to the public for ski joring practice. There were dozens of individuals out there practicing who were experienced and first timers. It was a chance for the duo teams to get in some practice before their big tournaments next weekend.

Ski joring is judged by time. The teams were trying to get their lowest times in preparation for next weekend.

Scott has been active in ski joring for about 15 years and explained why he loves the sport.

"It was just something that I got into and I can't leave it now. Been hurt a couple times doing it and it just doesn't faze me at all. I just want to keep going."

Anyone that wants to sign up for the races this next week should go to Casey's Pub and Grill in downtown Whitefish. There will be sign up starting at six. There will be plenty of prizes for the individuals who win the tournament.