Drivers warned about road safety as weather worsens

Snow sets Missoula road clearing plans into effect.

MISSOULA,Mont. - With winter around the corner, many mountain passes are going to be filling up with snow. Drivers are preparing for the snow dump, while truck drivers are warning everyone to be safe out there.

Having driven big rigs 10-plus years, Scottie Loree wanted to remind drivers truckers can't stop immediately.

"We're 80,000 pounds, and we use air brakes. From the time we use our brakes until anything happens is almost four to six seconds, almost anywhere from 150 to 300 yards in front of us. As I try and tell people, the first 50 to 100 yards on highway speed is beyond my control," said Loree.

Montana is better equipped than many states to handle the snow. Loree adds weather apps and catching The Weather Channel on at truck stops allow truckers to keep an eye on upcoming weather.

He also says it's not uncommon for truck drivers to pull over to the side of the road.

"Depending on where the driver is from they may not be as comfortable driving in bad weather than someone who is used to snow," said Loree.

The biggest thing truck drivers want to remind drivers about is safety first, and always pay attention when you're driving in snow and around big rigs.

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