Eggs stuffed with Nazi propaganda surface around Missoula

An egg stuffed with Nazi propaganda that was left on businesses door steps over the weekend.

Missoula police are investigating reports of Easter eggs stuffed with Nazi propaganda being distributed to businesses in Missoula.

Revo Training Center received an egg on their front door. Co-owner Michael Savasuk said once he opened it he was surprised what was in it.

“There was a little rubber bunny in it, and I put that out, then there was a gold plastic coin with a four-leaf clover, which I thought was pretty funny, and then a little flyer about a white revolution,” he said.

The flyer references a white supremacist neo-Nazi group called Atomwaffen.

After seeing the propaganda, Savasuk doesn’t think they’re going to persuade many people here in Missoula.

“I was more aghast at the design, overall. I don’t think they’re going to sway anyone towards their cause with that,” said Savasuk.

According to ProPublica, Atomwaffen has members in at least 23 states, but Montana isn’t one of them.

“It is somewhat alarming that there seems to be roots in the community,” said Savasuk.

Being a business owner and community member, Savasuk feels he needs to be proactive and let folks know this propaganda is going around.

“It’s serious enough that, if something like this were to continue, we need to keep our eyes peeled,” said Savasuk.

Missoula police are still reviewing the case, but may not find any illegal activity, as city and state law allow people to disseminate printed materials.

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