Employee nearly run over by theft suspect


MISSOULA, Mont. - A 28-year-old man is behind bars after police say he made off with some sporting goods merchandise and almost ran over an employee.

Officers responded Saturday afternoon to a reported theft at Bob Ward and Sons Sporting Goods in Missoula.

NBC Montana was told the suspect walked out of the store with stolen merchandise, ignoring employees' calls for him to come back inside.

Witnesses say he got in a car with Washington plates, tore through the parking lot and almost ran over an employee.

"I saw one of my employees holding his arms out you know, standing out in front of the car so he would stop and he slammed on his brakes, his tires screeched and he slid for a while and I screamed when it happened because I thought he was going to hit him," said employee Danielle Gornick.

Officers were able to catch the man off of Highway 93 and Blue Mountain Road.

He faces theft and reckless driving charges and has warrants out of Lake County.