Evel Knievel Days gets off to an exciting start


BUTTE, Mont. - The annual festival celebrates the life of the world-famous Butte daredevil.

With so much to do at Evel Knievel Days, there's a little bit of something to bring out the daredevil in everyone.

"It's wild!" said Rod Jaques, a first-time festival-goer.

The festival honors world-famous daredevil and Butte native Evel Kneivel -- and Jaques said he's loving every minute.

He said he's enjoying, "The chance to come and honor him for doing all the incredible things he's done throughout his life."

Folks like Camron Laprowse, who came with his grandfather, checked out daring acts all day.

Laprowse said, "Just to get out of the house and get out of the area we had to play and go somewhere new, and see all the bikes and stuff and just have fun."

We checked out motocross and the famous skywalk.

Laprowse said, "My favorite part would be..... that's actually a hard choice!"

Grandparents like Dave Newby are happy the festival is incorporating activities for the little daredevils.

Newby said, "It's fun for everyone, I'm here with the kids earlier in the day, and then in the evening it gets more adult-like."

Even the performers were impressed. Mike Aitken is performing on BMX bikes and came all the way from Salt Lake City.

"It's an amazing event," he said. "It's so cool the city allows it to shut off the city and do it, and it's just a cool thing to be a part of."

When it comes down to it, Evel Knievel Days is about letting loose, celebrating daredevils, and being in good company.

Jaques said he enjoys "Being with my family, spending time away from work."

The festival continues now through Saturday night and includes not only amazing stunts, but good food and music as well.

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