Evel Knievel statue on display for one night at the Wilma


MISSOULA, Mont. - Thursday is day seven of the Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in Missoula. At 8 p.m. in the Wilma Theater, they'll be screening the film "Being Evel," which documents the story of the American daredevil Evel Knievel. For those who attend, a special treat -- the unveiling of a statue of Evel in action. It's 1,630 pounds of bronze and copper. The statue's creator, Bill Rundle, said, "Evel was like a father to me. And so when he passed away I decided to do one more thing." Rundle, of Butte, started the project seven years ago. It's 25 percent larger than life-size, and not a detail of the daredevil was left out. Rundle said, "From the rabbit's foot that Evel used to wear when he jumped, to the ring that he used to wear to the extra lever for the parachute. Everything is exactly like it was on his bikes." The meticulous design was molded into 80 pieces, then bronzed, then welded together. Rundle added, "From the oil container to the Mikuni carburetors that are on it, to the dual pipes on the other side of it. There's so much detail and it's incredible. If you look at the weather his leathers are bent and the stars are made." Of course a high-flier like Knievel wouldn't look right in an upright pose, hence they went with the "Ironhorse Catwalk." Rundle said, "This was probably the most popular pose that you ever seen Evel in." And it's a pose he'll be remembered in forever. Rundle tells us that there are "three different spots interested in purchasing it to have it on their grounds."

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