Fair-goers in Missoula turn out despite smoky weather


MISSOULA, Mont. - Smoke from fires around western Montana is settling in the Missoula Valley. That smoke isn't stopping fair-goers at the Western Montana Fair.

Missoula resident Buzzy Bennett says the smoke this year is the worst it has been in a while.

"It's really smoky and I don't like that. It's horrible and my throat hurts," Bennett said.

For anyone who needs help at the fair, Missoula Emergency Services will be there. Officials say with the dry, smoky weather that a lot of fair-goers have been treated for a bloody nose.

"It's hard to breathe you know," Bennett said. "I think that affects why people don't come to the fair. I think a lot more people would be here if it was clearer."

Officials say if you are sensitive to smoke - limit your exposure at the fair.

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