Family searches for answers in Kalispell cold case


KALISPELL, Mont. - The family of a Kalispell woman murdered 11 years ago is looking for help in finding who killed her.

Police have two people of interest in the case, but no one has been charged in connection with Darlene Wilcock's death.

"She would give you the last dime to her name just to help you. She was always there for everybody. She had a heart of gold," said Holly Blouch and Diane Hall, who are Wilcock's sisters.

"If there is somebody who knows something that maybe when it first happened they were scared to come forward when it first happened," said Hall.

Wilcock was murdered at the Motel 6 in Kalispell just off of Highway 93.

Police have two people of interest. One is Wilcock's ex-fianc. The other was a family acquaintance, who was reportedly the last person to see Wilcock.

While Blouch and Hall have their beliefs as to who it was, police have yet to narrow down the case to one person.

"People have a lot of tips, a lot of information, but the detectives are saying a little too much information and not enough to go one way or the other. There are two main suspects but not enough for one or the other," said Blouch.

All Wilcock's sisters have now are pictures. But they're hoping for more.

"We're just getting back out there to let people know, hey, it's been 11 years, it's still unsolved, we need answers and we need help. Please contact the police department and everybody and let us know," Blouch said.

While the case hasn't been open since 2011, Blouch and hall are hopeful that someone, somewhere can help bring them some closure.

If you think you have any information on the case, you can call the Kalispell Police Department at 406-758-7780. You can remain anonymous in your tips and information.

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