FBI gives no new information in Cody Lee Johnson death


KALISPELL, Mont. - NBC Montana is taking a closer look at the ongoing investigation into Cody Lee Johnson's death, the 25-year-old from Kalispell who went missing on July 7, whose body was discovered days later in Glacier National Park.

The Federal Bureau of Investigations says the investigation is still ongoing.

A Twitter account with the name @whoKilledCody came across the desks at NBC Montana. It highlights media coverage following Johnson's death and also poses questions about who might know something about his final days.

Park officials discovered Johnson's body July 12 near the Loop, a very steep area located in the alpine section of Glacier.

Johnson's wife, Jordan Rutledge, is active on Twitter. She posts daily, if not multiple times in a day. Yet from July 2 to July 11 Rutledge's account was silent.

NBC Montana reached out but we have not heard a response from her. We also pressed the FBI for details but officials said it is still an open investigation and there is no timeframe for when it will be completed.

Coworkers of Johnson at a Columbia Falls company tell us he was a positive influence, always smiling and always on time for work.

"It was unusual. He was not someone who was tardy or who was absent. Didn't necessarily send off red flags right away," said Cody Binford. "But was we realized that no one could get a hold of him that's when we started to wonder what was going on and tried to dig a little bit deeper to find out where he was."

Glacier National Park officials said this is the only missing persons case the FBI is investigating in the park at this time.