Few international students at MSU impacted by travel ban


BOZEMAN, Mont. - The U.S. Supreme Court ruled Monday to enforce some components of President Donald Trump's travel ban on travelers from six countries.

Travelers who have a "credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States" are protected under the ruling.

Out of Montana State University's 16,440 students there were 721 international students enrolled in the fall of 2016, according to MSU spokesman Tracy Ellig.

Twenty of these students are from the six affected countries -- 17 students from Iran, one from Syria, one from Yemen and one from Libya. One of those students will not return to MSU for schooling.

"We basically don't hardly have anybody from these six affected countries, either students or employees," Ellig said. "It's not going to have much of a direct impact on us."

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