Fire causes $5,000 in damage to Hamilton hair salon


HAMILTON, Mont. - It was a tense morning Tuesday for a block of business owners in downtown Hamilton. A fire caused about $5,000 damage to a hair salon.

Firefighters got the call shortly after 8 a.m.

The fire started after work crews laid down a new asphalt roof on an adjoining building. It started on the roof of an antique shop on First and Bedford.

"They came in and grabbed our fire extinguisher," said neighboring business owner Tom Henderson.

Traffic to Bedford was blocked off as firefighters got the fire at the Teased Salon under control.

Mohn said the fire got into the soffit of the salon, and started the insulation on fire, as well as some of the soffit material.

There was no damage to the antique shop. No one was in it, nor the hair salon when the fire started.

There were no injuries.

Salon workers hauled out equipment from the massage therapist's room, which received damage.

The salon's owner is thankful for insurance and firefighters.

"I came down expecting the worst," said Leisa Lewis, "and got here and it wasn't too bad. We're back in business."

And she was. Women were getting their hair done not long after firefighters left.

Fire Chief Mohn ruled the fire accidental.