Fire officials update residents on West Mullan Fire


MISSOULA, Mont. - Fire crews are still working to knock down a fire that blew up Sunday night west of Missoula.

Monday morning 30 homes were evacuated northwest of Superior and later that evening other people were put on standby to evacuate.

Forest Service officials tell us the fire has burned over 700 acres and crews have no containment yet.

Monday evening in Superior fire officials held an emergency meeting to talk with homeowners and residents who say they're concerned for their homes.

Dozens of folks showed up to the meeting where officials reviewed where the fire is burning, what places have been evacuated and who is on standby to evacuate.

Folks living in the area between the river and where the fire is burning are on standby to evacuate.

Those living on West Mullan Road from Pardee Creek to Jim Gulch are also on standby.

Pardee Creek, East Pardee and Flat Creek (outside of the city limits) have already been evacuated.

At Monday's meeting we caught up with some residents who tell us the smoke has been overwhelming.

Superior resident Bob Wilson tells us he's worried about his health. He says he has difficulty breathing already, so the past couple of days have been tough.

"There are a lot of people here who have problems with breathing and I'm one of them," said Wilson. "Even this morning at 11 o'clock you could hardly see down the block and I don't go outside when it's like that - I have to stay inside."

Fire officials tell NBC Montana they are hopeful the Superior area will receive some rainfall from thunderstorms that are expected Wednesday.

At the end of the meeting fire officials announced that they will continue to hold town meetings until the fire is contained.

The next meeting will be held in Superior Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. on the courthouse lawn.

NBC Montana will continue to update you on the West Mullan Fire as we learn more details.