Fire rips through 2 Milltown houses, occupants escape


MILLTOWN, Mont. - The fire broke out on Daytona Loop in Milltown late Wednesday afternoon.

Massive flames and black smoke stood out on the landscape, stalling traffic, and even shutting rail tracks temporarily.

A breeze kept the fire unpredictable. Flames kept flaring. Dense, black smoke told everybody Milltown was in trouble.

"I grew up in this neighborhood and I know a lot of people that live around here," said Angela Adams, "I was worried whose house it is."

Two houses on fire, in such a small community, scares everybody.

"I just don't want it to spread anymore," said Jacque, who was watching the fire with her niece Meranda. "The trees look really dry and they're catching fire,"observed Meranda as she watched those trees around the burning houses.

Flames were stubborn.

The fire wasn't far from the train tracks. A power line fell over the tracks, and firefighters shut down all train traffic temporarily.

The houses were wood framed, historic mill worker's houses, about 100 years old.

No word on damage estimates yet, or whether the houses were insured.