Fireworks stands prepare for holiday season


BOZEMAN, Mont. - With the Fourth of July holiday less than two weeks away, fireworks stands in parts of western and southwest Montana opened shop Tuesday.

In Bozeman, a stand on the south side of town is hoping for a big year. Tuesday morning workers like Kristjana Green finished up last minute stocking at the G&G Fireworks off Kagy.

"It will take all day to load everything in and we'll probably be ready to go this evening," said Green.

She's lining the shelves with firecrackers, fountains, artillery shells and sparklers of every color and shape.

"People like to see what's new and try out new things," Green said. "People like to have a big party and it's awesome."

Green tells NBC Montana early in the season most customers are children on bikes. While NBC Montana was there, youngster Shad Clark stopped in.

"I bought five Pop-Its," said Clark. "Because they're fun to pop."

Not all customers find what they're looking for. Fireworks like bottle rockets and Roman candles are not allowed in the Bozeman area. Other customers are just looking for something new.

Customer Drew Nelson told us he's, "Taking a tour of the fireworks stands around town, seeing what the new inventory is and making a few purchases here and there."

G&G has about $20,000 worth of inventory to sell.

Kristjana Green says how much they'll have left at the end of season depends on a number of factors, including the day of the week the Fourth of July falls on and weather.

"Two years ago, when there was a lot of fire danger, that really hurt our sales, which is understandable," explained Green.

Right now the Gallatin Valley is lush and green, and the area hasn't dried out. And Green is happy to see excited customers, saying, "It's so fun to talk to people and help people pick out what they want for their show on the Fourth. It's just so fun, I love it."

If you are planning to light off fireworks in Butte and Bozeman check the rules first. In Bozeman, you may only light off fireworks on July 3, 4 and 5.

The city allows most common fireworks as long as they don't fly more than 15 feet high, or travel more than 10 feet.

Lighting fireworks is prohibited in streets and alleyways, within 300 feet of parks and gas stations, and within 1,000 feet of hospitals and assisted living facilities.

The Bozeman Fire Department recommends residents simply enjoy the Fourth of July show put on each year at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds.

Bozeman Fire Marshal Jack Coburn said, "We want everyone to have a good time and we do recommend that they go to the county and the fairgrounds and observe the fireworks that's put on by the Lion's Club usually there. We hope everyone has a great, safe time."

Butte-Silver Bow municipal code only says that fireworks can be lit off between June 24 and July 5.

Fireworks are prohibited in all National Forest lands.

This article was corrected to update the dates fireworks are allowed in Bozeman for the 2014 4th of July Holiday.