Former undertaker, convicted felon applied for job with Frenchtown School District


MISSOULA, Mont. - A convicted felon and accused murderer currently being held in Missoula County on a fugitive warrant unsuccessfully applied to be a bus driver for the Frenchtown School District, according to District Superintendant Randy Cline.

Cline said Huson resident David Wayne Sconce's job application was denied after a background check uncovered Sconce's criminal history.

NBC Montana reported Friday that law enforcement officers arrested Sconce Thursday for breaking parole on charges of attempted deliberate homicide.

Court records show Sconce is a former undertaker from Pasadena, California, and was convicted of several felonies in 1985 for conducting mass cremations and other misconduct at his funeral home.

Los Angeles District Court representatives said a judge dismissed the case involving his attempted murder charges, but that he was wanted for gun charges and multiple parole violations.

Sconce was living in Huson before his arrest.

Residents in the area said they were surprised to find out a convicted felon and accused murderer was living nearby.

"I'm absolutely surprised. I would have no idea," said Richard Yancey.

"We tend to trust everyone around here and just assume everyone's family people who are honest, you know?" said his wife Kelly Yancey.

Sconce is currently being held in Missoula County Jail. An LA County District Court representatives told us they've filed paperwork to have Sconce extradited to California.