Frenchtown fire crews train with Jaws of Life


MISSOULA, Mont. - Federal highway statistics rank Montana as the state with the deadliest roadways almost every year.

Young firefighters with the Frenchtown Fire Department were tested Friday on equipment designed to fight that trend.

The resident firefighter EMTs were given 15 minutes with the Jaws of Life and other extrication equipment to try and dismantle a vehicle at the county junk yard.

Key to the training, says trainee Jake Richards, are the different makes and models of cars they were tested on to simulate the variety of vehicles they could potentially encounter on the scene of an accident.

"I've seen what issues I can run into using the tools in the field, and knowing their limitations," said Richards. "It's nerve-racking, but with the training, I become a lot more comfortable using the tools, and feel a lot more confident in what I am doing out in the field."

Crews finish this phase of their certification testing on Monday.