Frenchtown track team members help rescue man in Kalispell


FRENCHTOWN, Mont. - Members of the Frenchtown High School Boys Track and Field Team said they did what anybody else would have done.

"All that was going through my head was just like 'OK, I've got to act fast, got to get this guy out. Got to get him some help,'" said junior Gharrett Olson.

What he and three other team members did saved a stranger in another town.

The team had just finished a meet in Kalispell last Saturday. They stopped at the Rosauers grocery store before getting on the bus to head home.

But on the way out of the store, "This car was revving its engine in the corner of the parking lot," said senior Gabriel Demmons.

At first he didn't think much of it. But then took another look

"We ran over, looked through the window. The window was slightly down. I could tell the man was having a seizure," Demmons said.

That's when others started to help.

"I didn't have my phone on me so I told Devin to call 911," he said.

"She [the dispatcher] was trying to calm me down. But obviously in a situation like that it's not really going to happen," said senior Devin Kadrmas. "So I just told her where we were. I was like 'We need an ambulance' and I just kind of hung up the phone."

The man was locked in the car, so Olson stepped in.

"I just came in like this, and then grabbed the lock right there and pulled it up," explained Olson. "Yanked my arm out, and then opened the whole door, and pulled the guy out"

He put him on the pavement so a bystander certified in CPR could help. That woman had a child with her. So the track team manager and exchange student Louise Lannoy took the child away from the scene.

"I saw the lady come over with her little girl. And the little girl was pretty shocked. So I just took care of the little girl," Lannoy said.

"Louise did a great job of keeping her preoccupied and whatnot," said Demmons. "At the moment that was the most important thing."

Emergency crews arrived and took the man to the hospital, where we're told he survived.

"They didn't even hesitate. They just got him out of the car so he could get the help he needed," said track coach Brittany Santorno. "I thought that was real amazing for such young men to do that."

"We are growing some amazing kids out here in Frenchtown," said Frenchtown Community Coalition Coordinator Gypsy Ray. "And we need to let the rest of the community know that."