Fresh snow fills the Bowl


MISSOULA, Mont. - Snowbowl resort outside Missoula had a record breaking day yesterday.

The average attendance for a weekend day is roughly 1,000 skiers, and on Saturday skiers and snowboarders almost doubled that number.

The fresh powder that blankets much of western Montana right now certainly deserves some of the credit, but not all of it.

When the snow fell, they will came.

To say that happened on Saturday at Snowbowl is an understatement.

Skiers and snowboarders in attendance broke the all-time record at the local ski hill. The record number being 1,639 people.

"Ya it's really nice, I mean we've had the place since 1984 so to have the biggest day ever...that's a big deal," said Snowbowl resort owner Ronnie Morris.

Over the past weekend there has been 20 plus inches of fresh snow and with major events this month such as the Gelande ski jump. Attendance numbers should stay consistent throughout the season.

"I think the ski season, definitely now you know there is no worries about having a good spring season," added Morris.

Resort owner Ronnie Morris tells us that even though there's almost two feet of new snow at Snowbowl right now, that this weekend last year there was 36 inches of new snowfall.

Which means it's all about timing.

"The snow...It pounded so got to get out here" "Being out, being away, being up around the snow."

Morris says another event this weekend might also have something to do with the record.

"I think yesterday was kind of a big day because with the Superbowl today a lot of people chose yesterday to ski."

"Ya....Go Hawks," said first time Snowbowl boarder Peter Christoffersen.

And after the game, there's something to look forward to.

The forecast is looking really good in fact they've just upped the snow for tonight and tomorrow," explained Morris.