Friends of Story Mansion wants to extend purchase of historic home


BOZEMAN, Mont. - Bozeman's Friends of The Story Mansion wants to extend the purchase of the building. The nonprofit is supposed to purchase the landmark outright for $390,000. Instead, representatives say they want to make yearly payments to the city plus interest. Bozeman Deputy Mayor Jeff Krauss says the house has a lot of history to Bozeman. "The Story Mansion has deep historical roots to Bozeman. It sits on a large piece of property offering 9,000 square feet of space in one of Bozman's most desirable neighborhoods," said Krauss. "The Story Mansion means something to the city because it's a beautiful building almost in its entirety."

Krauss said he recognizes the significance of the historic home, but he added it's costing the city a lot of money to maintain the property. Krauss says the city could recoup that money if it is sold at market value. "We could get much more than $391,000 that we offered it to them -- that's way below market value," said Krauss. Krauss told NBC Montana the city has spent upwards of $3 million maintaining and renovating Story Mansion. He said the money could be used in Bozeman schools.

"I'm hoping it gets on the agenda in the next couple of weeks and we make a decision about what to do with this," said Krauss.

NBC Montana called the board chair of the Friends of The Story Mansion, Andy Epple, Monday morning. Epple was not available for an interview, but sent us a press release saying, "The Friends of The Story Mansion have worked alongside the City for over five years and we look forward to continuing our relationship,"

The nonprofit says the city of Bozeman will continue to own and contribute toward the upkeep of 60 percent of the mansion block.