Frigid temps, wind keep Missoula pedestrians on the move


MISSOULA, Mont. - Weather conditions are setting up for the coldest start to February in 18 years.

The day after Groundhog Day, no sensible woodchuck would brave the weather Missoula woke up to Monday. But people needing to get to work in downtown Missoula had no choice.

It was so windy it was hard to keep a camera on a tripod steady. Nobody was window shopping.

Of course, it is Missoula, so it took more than frigid temperatures to keep bicyclists off the street.

Layers of clothing and face covering made cold weather a little more bearable.

"I'm just trying to get to work," said Ephie Risho, as he walked briskly down Higgins Avenue. He was bundled up and a scarf completely covered his face.

"It's been a pretty cold morning," said Risho, "mostly the wind, especially on the bridge."

That's the Higgins Avenue Bridge downtown, which is always a magnet for cold.