Frigid weather doesn't keep visitors out of Glacier National Park


WEST GLACIER, Mont. - The frigid temperatures continue throughout Montana. Glacier National Park was -2 degrees today.

You would think the cold weather would keep people out of the park, but there were quite a few people enjoying their afternoon at Glacier.

People were shopping at the Montana House and taking pictures on Lake McDonald. Some people were anxious to get to the park to see Lake McDonald has actually been frozen over, which some people told NBC Montana that's a first time they have ever seen it like that.

Some visitors said the cold tried to get keep them indoors, but they weren't having it.

"We had to put heat lamps on the batteries to get the car started. We had to jump the car," said Denise Braun.

"I come up here all times of the year. It's fun. You don't get that many days like this during the year, so you have to take advantage of them when you come," said Pete Eastman.

Employees said that Glacier National Park does slow down in the winter time, but the Montana House says they see about 30 people a day at the store.