FWP to investigate possible Mount Jumbo wolf sighting


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula resident Brian Nostrant says he spotted two animals that looked like wolves next to a herd of elk on Mount Jumbo. He captured it on his camera. Nostrant said he was eating lunch at home in the Rattlesnake, looking out the windows, when he saw a herd of elk and quickly grabbed his camera. He spotted two animals that looked like some kind of canine, gliding effortlessly through the deep powder. "Once I got them on the computer, I could make out a dog of some sort, whether it's a dog or wolf or a coyote is yet to be determined, but there was some canine in there. From here, I could see two different animals chasing up each side from the herd. Before I got the camera out, one of them disappeared over the top, so I only got one of them in the frame," said Nostrant. He said it was unique and exciting. FWP officials took a look at the pictures but cannot confirm if the animal is a wolf. They've had a lot of reports about wolves, before but have never had any confirmed cases. They say it's very rare to have one in town. Normally gray wolves would be around Missoula in open land but not in town. FWP plans to investigate Mount Jumbo some time this week to see if they can find any trace.